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The ultimate course to become a professional Elliott Wave analyst

7 hours of educational videos to get from zero to mastery

Are you tired of abrupt movements in the financial markets? Are you frustrated by misleading headlines in financial media? Are you finding out the hard way that finfluencers don't care about your trading account or investment portfolio?

Learn how to read financial markets as an Elliott Wave analyst and take responsibility for your own money. Feel confident about the data-driven decisions you make. Avoid confusion induced by so-called financial experts.

I'm Andy and on my YouTube channel, I provide free analyses of several financial instruments. Every single day I forecast market moves and I help my viewers with their trading and investment decisions. The channel subscribers know that I am very often on the winning end.

The good news is, I just apply Elliott Wave methods and techniques. Even better, you can learn this too. I summarized 5 years of Elliott Wave experience in an easy to understand course.

If you're new to Elliott Wave, you will bypass several years of struggling and losing money. If you're already familiar with Elliott Wave, you will learn more advanced concepts to increase your profits.

Have a look at the curriculum and find out how you can become a professional Elliott Wave analyst.

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic EW structures
  3. EW structures: rules & guidelines
  4. EW structures: cycles and RSI
  5. Trading EW structures: building blocks
  6. Final tips & tricks
  7. BONUS I: An advanced trading system for beginners
  8. BONUS II: Additional course materials

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Become a professional Elliott Wave analyst


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A basic technical trader ...

  • reads candle sticks
  • relies on faulty patterns and indicators
  • uses RSI for buy and sell signals
  • focuses on one financial market
  • falls into smart money traps

A professional Elliott Wave analyst ...

  • reads financial markets
  • relies on proven rules & guidelines
  • uses RSI to identify market cycles
  • relates different financial markets
  • profits from smart money traps

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